What is Water Tubing and Why You Should Tube This Summer

water tubing

Let’s for a second imagine that winter is over. The summer is here again, yay! Wondering what to do with the family? How to relax and enjoy the birth of the beautiful scenery around you?

How about you try water tubing?

What is Water Tubing

Tubing is a form of water recreation where an inner tube is used to ride on top of the water while being pulled by a boat.

Fun fact, Princess Chumbhot of Nagar Svarga from Thailand invented water tubing in the 20th century. I guess royalty is still good for something these days.

Effortless and Doesn’t Require Skill

There are a whole lot of other fun activities in the water you could settle for, and a few examples of these water recreation are;

  • windsurfing
  • sea kayaking
  • water skiing
  • rafting
  • parasailing

Most water sport and recreational activities, mentioned above, require some expertise and technicality for you to participate fully. It requires a lot of attention, strength, and a perfect balance.

Not everyone can partake in activities like windsurfing, water skiing, or rafting. It is often very physically challenging.

Tubing, on the other hand, requires no skill, some strength, and little or no attention. All you need is to find a suitable position on the tube, either standing, sitting, or lying down.

Once you’ve found a comfortable position, it’s then vital that you hold on tightly to the tube to avid you falling off. And falling off is not that bad unless you are going really fast.

Enjoy the Scenery of Summer

Other sporting activities are more adrenaline-filled than relaxing. Most times, you aren’t conscious of the splendor around you, but only interested in the rush, the screams, and the waves.

However, If you made a choice to make use of the tube, then you’ve got yourself an excellent way to relax, see and smell the beauty of mother nature. You’ve found truly the best way to relax.

Kids will usually not care about this part of life but you, as an adult will appreciate the beauty that water tubing can provide.

Are you older and have a medical condition where any physical activity is prohibited? In river tubing, you can be a pro athlete. Just lay down and relax until you can’t relax anymore.

Anyone can be on the water tube. The old, the young, the slim, the plump. No restrictions at all.

Now, isn’t that delightful?

Family Fun Water Activity

If you have been thinking of the best water sport to get the whole family involved in, you have come to the right place.

And that is not all, boat water tubing allows you to spend time with your loved ones on the same boat.

You could all be together having fun, with the waves all around you, enjoying the scenery, screaming and giggling with so much excitement on the same boat.

Outdoor Activity Laced Ecstasy

It’s a thrilling sporting activity that gives you the best experiences. It’s also a good way to spend time with family and friends outdoor.

It requires no stress at all, but just a comfortable position on the tube. Furthermore, you could splash and splash with your hands and feet when on the boat.

You could enjoy the warmth of the sun and at the same time, feel the goodness of the water all around. A time for you to relax and unwind with a memorable experience.

Drop the Gear, Increase the Comfort

When on the tube, the primary safety equipment you need is a life jacket or Personal Floatation device and, importantly, sunscreen to protect you and your family from sunburns.

Additional safety equipment like tubing gloves, footwear, and a helmet is optional. But they are often not needed for comfort.

But for other sporting activities, most safety equipment is necessary as there is a high risk of injury.

Water skiing, rafting, and kayaking are just some of the sporting activities where most of the safety equipment is needed.

Exercise and Flex the Muscles

Asides the fun, the excitement, the beautiful scenery, tubing can help to flex your muscles and exercise. It can improve your strength and coordination.

Falling from the tube also provides further exercise by swimming in the water. Other sporting exercises could weigh you down, but water tubing strengthens you and helps improve your swimming skills.

According to carefreeboats.com there are different types of water tubes that could give you that fun-filled experience you desire.

Types of Water Tubes

The Standard Tube

The Standard Float

The simplest of them all, the standard tube is a free-floating tube for just one rider. You can use it anywhere from the pool to the river and the ocean.

It’s shaped in the form of a tire like an inner tube and it’s maneuvered by the current of the wind.

To change direction or control the movement of the tube, you can just splash your tinny fingers or toes in the water and push yourself in the desired direction.

It is truly the ultimate relaxation tube.

The Single Rider Tube

The Single Rider Tube

It allows for only one rider on the tube. It is not a free-floating tube but a towed tube.

The Single Rider Tube allows for increased performance, tricks, and stunts of all kinds.

It is usually round or disk-shaped. It has handles on the sides for the passenger’s firm grip.

Personally, I am not a fan of single rider tubes because they are much less stable on the water. But if you like to go fast and perform tricks while riding, this is a tube for you.

The Deck Tube

The Deck Tube

This deck tube comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and it can typically hold up to three people.

Because it can hold more than one person, it is wider than a standard tube, and it many cases it can resemble the shape of a bed.

The rider lies down unto the tube, holding firmly two handles created for a good and firm grip.

However, if you prefer to sit rather than lay on the tube, you can do that too. Just pick a different supplier, like Big Bubba.

The Banana Tube

The Banana Tube

If you are looking to have fun with more than three or four people, the banana tube is a perfect choice.

It is structured in a way that the rider can sit or stand with one leg on each side.

I’ve heard people call this a hot dog tube or a dog tubes because it is shaped in a somewhat cylinder form.

Multi-rider Tube

multi-rider tube

The multi-rider tube is really big. It allows more than six people to ride at the same time. Because of that, the speed at which the tube is pulled is much lower than the previously mentioned options.

The rope used to pull the tube is much stronger. The weight of people being dragged through the water can be very significant. There is a good chance that the rope will snap if it is not strong enough.

Safety and Precaution

In as much as water tubing is exciting, necessary procedures have to be followed to ensure that casualties are avoided when towing multi-rider tubes.

As seen in boats.com, It is essential to ensure that the tow ropes strength is adequate for the number of people. If you notice any cut or abnormalities, get a new line for the cruise. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Check the connection point where the tow rope is attached to the tube. Be sure to look for signs of wearing out.

Lastly, check for the safety gear, maintaining that the necessary safety gears are on and are appropriate for each passenger.

Tubing Conclusion

So there you have it, short but sweet introduction to water tubing.

I hope I was able to shed some light on this fun water activity. Water tubing is for everyone and it requires no previous experience to have a blast on the water.

But if you are a more experienced tuber and are looking for a faster, more challenging experience make sure you check out The Complete Guide to Zup Boards.

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