Best Pontoon Trolling Motor – Review on 2021 Models

Perhaps the most important feature of any pontoon fishing boat is the pontoon trolling motor. Without a solid trolling motor, you won’t be able to sneak up on fish and maintain your position in the current or moderate winds.

Thankfully the motors on this list will handle all weather conditions and are usable in both fresh and saltwater. Some of them even come with foot pedals and wireless remotes so that you can control the speed of the motor while you are fishing without taking your eyes off your fishing rod. Whether you have a small or large boat, there is a motor on this list for you.

Newport Vessels NV-Series Saltwater Trolling Electric Motor

The Newport Envy Series Electric Trolling Motor generates 55 lbs. of thrust in saltwater. It is ultra-quiet, very cool and efficient, and allows you to fish stealthily all day long. It will never overheat, and it is quiet enough that it won’t scare any fish away.

Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Trolling Motor w/...
  • Efficient Power: 55Lb Thrust - This 12V Electric Trolling Motor Provides Excellent Power And Efficiency For Any Boater. The High Quality Build Allows The Motor To Run All Day Long Without Overheating, Or Making Noise To Spook Fish
  • Features: This Motor Features A 30 Inch Shaft, A 5 Led Battery Meter, A 6 Inch Telescoping Tiller Handle, And 3 Blade Propeller. The Mount Angle, Height, And Direction Can All Be Adjusted And Locked Into Place When Needed
  • Speed: This Motor Has 8 Speeds, 5 Forward And 3 Reverse. The Motor Is Designed For Trolling, So The Top Speed Of This Motor Is About 4Mph, But Depends On Your Boat Shape, Weight, Water, Wind, And Other Factors. Our 3 Blade Propeller Gives The Motor...

The motor itself is made of stainless-steel bill, and it’s built for saltwater.  The 30-inch composite fiberglass shaft is high strength and adjustable so that you can reach proper depths in any water conditions. It features 8 speeds and a 6-inch telescoping handle for ergonomic extendibility.

It has five forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds, which basically puts all the control you need at your fingertips to generate a smooth and easy to maneuver boating experience.

The unit also comes with a five-point LED battery meter so that you can immediately see how much charge the battery has (not included). The unit has a total amp draw of 52 amps and will work with any trolling battery. Also, this pontoon boat trolling motor comes with a 2-year warranty so that if anything goes wrong, you can easily get a replacement at no cost.

This trolling motor is also specifically built for small and medium-sized watercraft and has a 3-blade propeller that is pretty much silent. The durable nylon transom mount and 30-inch adjustable shaft allow the motor to fit into small or medium-sized watercraft and perform in all water conditions.

Its high-quality corrosion-resistant combination of stainless-steel zinc and magnesium can operate in both salt and freshwater.

The motor casing, however, may start to rust over time, especially in saltwater. If that does happen, contact Newport, they will send you a new motor. Sometimes this happens when a mistake is made during manufacturing, so let the company know and get a replacement. Thankfully they are very responsive and will replace the motor within a few days.

Older models had an issue with failing to “click” when switching between various power levels. As a result, it was hard to get any feedback from the instrument to know that it had successfully made the switch.  That made it very hard to know when the speed setting had returned to zero.

This new model, however, has no such problem. It has a distinct “click” when it switches between power levels, which means that you can easily figure out when the throttle has returned to zero. Some users still report trouble with hearing this click or detecting it, so consider using a different pontoon boat trolling motor if that is a concern for you.

The assembly that mounts the motor to the transom can also wear out over time. After a few weeks of use, the sleeve color underneath the motor direction clamp may break and need to be replaced. But the motor will last for a long time before any of these issues arise.


  • Stainless steel Construction that resists corrosion.
  • Operates perfectly and salt and freshwater.
  • Nearly silent and does not scare the fish away.
  • Newport offers great customer service and fast replacements.


  • The motor mount May wear out over time.
  • Smaller parts may break and need to be replaced .

Aquos Haswing CaymanB Electric Trolling Motor

Aquos Haswing Cayman bow mount trolling motor is designed to be nearly completely silent. The variable speed settings will let you set the motor to the precise speed, and smoother adjustments will let you control the ride with precision. The motor is also designed to make the battery life last a long time with a low power consumption setting. Overall, this motor is perfect for boats weighing up to 2750 pounds.

AQUOS White Haswing 12V55LBS 48inch Electric Bow Mount Trolling Motor with Remote Control, Wired...
  • AQUOS Haswing Cayman B (NOT GPS) 12V 55LBS 48inch Bow Mount Trolling Motor is designed and engineered to run quieter than ever before. With variable speed will let you dial in your desired speed and provide more precise, smoother adjustments plus...
  • The remote control fits into the palm of your hand easily or can be attached around your neck with a lanyard. Conveniently control the motor on the boat or shore-side with the farthest 164 ft distance, meanwhile the remote can be recharged with a USB...
  • Cruise control (NOT SPOT LOCK) keeps your boat at the desired speed by using remote control to press on the speed up or down button then you can focus on fishing all the way, but you might have to manually correct the direction from time to time due...

The wireless remote control that comes with the boat lets you control the motor without sitting directly next to it. A quick-release bracket also allows you to install or remove the motor super easily, and a foot control pedal gives you yet another way to adjust the pontoon boat’s speed while keeping your hands free. When the boat is moving at your desired speed, set the cruise control setting so that you can focus on fishing.

This pontoon boat trolling motor’s shaft is 48 long and made of stainless steel, which is treated to be corrosion resistant. The shaft’s length means that it is perfect for different types of boats in different water depths. It can also function in both fresh and saltwater because of how the metal has been treated to be corrosion resistant.  Just make sure to hold onto the ergonomic lifting handle when you adjust the motor or lift it to avoid letting the motor shaft slide off the body. The depth collar also lets you see you change up easily and then lock in the motor’s depth when you find it.

This trolling motor is a perfect 12 volt trolling motor and one of the best out there on the market. It has smooth acceleration and responsive wireless control, and the handheld remote makes everything easier to use. Foot control may be a bit too large or cumbersome for some people, and the pedal itself may be prone to weather corrosion, but it is very responsive. Even though there are not too many instructions on how to use it, getting started is intuitive.

Overall, this is a fantastic pontoon boat trolling motor for the price. If you are on a budget and not ready to upgrade to one of the more powerful MinnKota trolling motors, then definitely consider this unit.


  • Weather resistant and long-lasting.
  • Powerful enough to push medium sized pontoon boats.
  • Perfectly silent and will not scare the fish away.
  • USB and wireless controls as well as a foot pedal control.


  • The foot pedal has been known to corrode over time.
  • Sparse instructions but intuitive to use.

Black Haswing Electric Trolling Motor

Like the smaller Hasswing pontoon boat trolling motor above, this black Haswing electric trolling motor is so quiet that it will not scare the fish away. In fact, it is designed to be nearly silent in the water. It has several different speeds that can all be controlled from either a foot pedal USB attachment or wirelessly. That means that you can control the speedwell by focusing on fishing.

Black Haswing Cayman 12V 55lbs 48 inch Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor Lightweight, Variable...
  • Haswing Cayman 48 INCH Shaft Bow Mount Trolling Motor is designed and engineered to run quieter than ever before. It's so quiet that the fish will never hear you coming. With variable speed will let you dial in your desired speed and provide more...
  • The remote control fits into the palm of your hand easily or can be attached around your neck with a lanyard. Conveniently control the motor on the boat or shoreside with the farthest 164 ft distance, meanwhile the remote can be recharged with a USB...
  • Cruise control (NOT Spot lock) keeps your boat at the desired speed by using remote control to press on the speed up or down button then you can focus on fishing all the way, but you might have to manually correct the direction from time to time due...

One thing to keep in mind about this model is that you will have to physically turn the motor 180 degrees on the motor mount to reverse direction.  That is true with the Haswing motor above as well. Just keep in mind that if you do need to reverse, there is no reverse speed setting.

The depth collar lets you find the perfect depth for the water you’re in, and once you are ready, you can lock in the motor so that it stays right where you wanted to be. The depth collar might wear out over the long-term, and if that happens, call customer service to get a replacement. The machine comes with a two-year warranty, so make sure to use it if you need to. They will replace any parts free of charge they sell within 48 hours.

Overall the foot pedal is fine, but the remote is the real selling point. After you are all set up and in a position, you can use the remote to easily maintain speed or just the speed necessary to keep up with water and wind currents while fishing. You will never have to take your artist off the water to adjust and maintain our position.


  • Easy to use hand-held remote and foot pedal.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • The three-blade silent motor that won’t scare the fish away.
  • 2-year warranty and excellent customer service.


  • Pedal is less useful than the handheld remote.

Newport Vessels L-Series Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

The new power series Newport Vessels L-Series Saltwater pontoon boat trolling motor provides a whopping 86 lbs. of thrust. That is the most thrust in the Newport line and provides maximum performance with ultra-quiet and cool operating output. This motor will easily handle mid-sized boats and may even be suitable for larger boats as well.

Newport Vessels L-Series 86lb Thrust Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor w/ LED...
  • EFFICIENT POWER: 86lb Thrust - this 24v electric trolling motor provides excellent power and efficiency for any boater. The high quality build allows the motor to run all day long without overheating, or making noise to spook fish
  • FEATURES: This motor features a 40 inch shaft, a 5 LED battery meter, a 6 inch telescoping tiller handle, and 3 blade propeller. The mount angle, height, and direction can all be adjusted and locked into place when needed.
  • SPEED: This motor has 8 speeds, 5 forward and 3 reverse. The motor is designed for trolling, so the top speed of this motor is about 4.5mph, but depends on your boat shape, weight, water, wind, and other factors. Our 3 Blade Propeller gives the motor...

It has a 40-inch composite fiberglass shaft, which means that it is high strength but also lightweight. The shaft is adjustable for proper duct placement and has a collar that allows you to lock in the proper depth once you find it.  With eight speeds and a 6-inch ergonomic handle, this motor will provide all the control you named whether you are going in reverse or forward.

Because this motor offers so much extra power, it will require two 12-volt deep cycle or marine batteries to operate it. It has a 10 LED battery power gauge to know how much battery power is always left. However, once it’s set up with enough battery power motor can push a fully loaded fishing boat with a heavy hull at over 4 miles per hour all day long (in moderate currents).  On larger boats, the motor will make you practically fly across the surface of the water.

The motor comes with clear installation instructions, although installation really isn’t that complicated. If you know how to put two 12-volt batteries in a series, you should be able to mount the motor without any problems.

One issue with this powerful motor is that the thrust is heavy on the first gear, but there isn’t much of a speed difference between the 2nd and the 5th gears. That means that the boat might jump forward when you first turn it on instead of smoothly accelerating through all the gears.

Otherwise, this motor is a bargain for the power it delivers.  It can keep up with MinnKota and other similar pontoon trolling motors.


  • Very powerful 86 lbs. of thrust.
  • 40-inch fiberglass shaft is strong and lightweight.
  • Can push a heavily loaded boat all day long.
  • Clear instructions for installation.


  • First gear might be too powerful.
  • 2nd through 5th gears deliver less speed change than expected.

MinnKota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

MinnKota is a legendary brand and one of the most recognized of all types of trolling motors out there. In fact, MinnKota is probably the standard in trolling motors, especially for small pontoon boats and medium-sized fishing boats.

The MinnKona Endura electric trolling motor lives up to expectations. It is tranquil, with only a slight noise at the top speed. But it delivers enough power to push a fully loaded small to mid-sized fishing boat through the water with ease.

As for durability, it really doesn’t get too much better than the Endura. Not only is it created with corrosion-resistant materials, but it is strong enough to stand up to physical wear-and-tear in case you accidentally hit rocks or other underwater debris. Even after a few months of serious abuse, this motor will still be going strong.

Overall this trolling motor is very energy efficient, which means that it won’t draw down your batteries very quickly. In fact, this may be the most energy-efficient battery on this list.

If you have a mid to small-sized boat and are on a budget, then this motor is the perfect solution for your needs. Also, one of the selling points of this motor is the transom mount. The transom mount is the smoothest of all models on this list and will tilt the motor easily when needed.

There are a few downsides to it. One downside is that the reverse speeds are not very effective depending on the type of boat you are using. For some reason, the reverse speeds churn up the water a lot without producing much power. It will allow you to back out of shallow water, but you can’t use it for full-time heavy propulsion in moderate currents.

Thankfully positioning the motor at the back of the boat is not a problem because the extendable handle allows you to steer without having to twist around. Often these motors will be placed at the front of the boat to allow you to steer while facing forward. But this model can be mounted on the aft without any trouble reaching the handle to steer.


  • Very powerful motor can handle any weather condition.
  • Super energy-efficient for long lasting battery life.
  • Perfect for small to mid-sized boats.
  • Durable and can handle strong wear and tear over time.


  • Reverse settings or not always powerful enough.
  • Does not have a foot pedal for the remote.


No Pontoon fishing boat is complete without a good pontoon boat trolling motor. After all, how can you sneak up on a fish if you don’t have a quiet, stealthy motor with enough power to keep you in position and strong currents all day without wearing out the battery?

The motors on this list are some of the best available on the market today. They offer a mix of budget-friendly pricing with industry-standard high performance.  Definitely check both Newport and MinnKota brands. If you are looking for easy to use remote-controlled model, then Newport has you covered. As usual, please leave a comment or send us an email if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.

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