Pontoon Changing Room – Best 5 Portable Changing Rooms 2021

There are some specific accessories every pontoon owner should have on their boat. To start, you need to have a bimini top or at least a boat umbrella to protect yourself from the Sun. You may also consider a portable boat toilet or even a boat grill.

Also, before drifting away on your pontoon, you may want to consider a pontoon changing room. You may dive into the water throughout your day trip, and there’s nothing worse than staying in wet and cold clothes all day. Unfortunately, most pontoon’s lack privacy, and using a portable changing room may be the only way around this.

I understand this is a big issue for most pontoon owners and have decided to write an extensive guide on the best portable changing rooms you can acquire to achieve such privacy. This article will discuss the best of the best pontoon changing rooms and their benefits. We’ve also added a “buyers guide” so you’re able to find your ideal pontoon changing room.

1.Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent - Pop Up Portable Shower Tent, Pop Up Changing Tent, Camp Shower...
  • QUICK, POP UP PRIVACY: Going into nature doesn't mean you have to go au naturale. With this portable shower for camping, you can create a pop up camping shelter in seconds. It then folds down easily for portable, compact carry.
  • FITS YOUR TALLEST FRIENDS: At 6' 10.7" high and 3' 11" in length and width, those shower tents for camping allow you to stand up and stretch out inside for a comfortable shower and clothes changing.
  • SOLID AS A ROCK: When it comes to your changing room, anchoring security is a must. That's why we include 8 tent pegs and 4 guy lines to make sure your privacy pop up tent is secure.

The Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitentis single-handedly the best pontoon changing room available to date. This innovative collapsible changing room is more than ideal for a pontoon boat. Its multi-use design is capable of providing all the privacy requirements you need, plus a few extras. Green Elephant produced this superb masterpiece with convenience in mind, and they’ve certainly achieved this.

  • Average Price – $75.99 – $85.99
  • Dimensions – 36” x 36” x 72”
  • Material – Polyester
  • Closure Type – Zipper
  • Weight – 6.24 Lbs
  • Color Options – Grey/Yellow
  • Amazon Rating – 4.6 out of 5

When purchasing goods, you want quality, and that’s what Green Elephant provides. This portable changing room isn’t just fit for campers but also holds an array of unique benefits that pontoon boat owners can reek from.

Quality – Throughout the construction of this portable changing room, only quality is found. The polyester material is well-known to be 100% waterproof, making it a tent that’ll last. They’ve also added a heavy-duty, gap-resistant door zipper for additional protection. Both of these elements combined result in excellent durability and prolonged usage out of this changing room.

Versatility – As mentioned above, this collapsible changing room is made with convenience in mind. They’ve done a great job making this a multi-use product by adding multiple fasteners within the tent, including a towel, cloths, and toilet paper hangers. However, it doesn’t stop there. Located within the Green Elephant portable tent, you’ll find additional storage pouches for them, much-needed changing room accessories, and even a flashlight hanger if it’s dark.

Set Up – The last thing you want to encounter when selecting a pontoon changing room is something that is confusing to set up. Confusion isn’t thought with this design, remove this tent from the carrier bag supplied, and it’ll pop into shape. As a guideline, it’s recommended that you peg this into the ground. However, as you’re on a pontoon, you’ll need to safely secure it to the boat by using their sandbags (that are supplied) or using the tent line provided.


  • Multi-use structure
  • Simplistic design
  • Made from durable material


  • Lacks in color options
  • Only one size available
  • Not specially designed for pontoon boats

2.TaylorMade Easy-Up Privacy Partition

Taylormade 67867 Easy-Up Privacy Partition, Grey, 30"" w x 30"" d x 70"" h
  • Installed under bimini top or hard top
  • Straps and hardware included
  • Constructed from "fire retardant" marine grade polyester

Moving further down the recommendations is the TaylorMade 67867 privacy partition. Unlike the Green Elephant tent mentioned above, the Taylormade is specially designed for a pontoon boat. It provides conveniences and ultimate comfort for its users. Getting changed has never been easier with this accessory; it’s relatively spacious and doesn’t require you to bend over or crouch down to gain usage from it.

  • Average Price – $60 – $72.99
  • Dimensions – 30” x 30” x 70”
  • Material – Marine grade polyester
  • Closure Type – Zipper
  • Weight – 2.02 Lbs
  • Color Options – Gray
  • Amazon rating – 4.4 out of 5

If you’re looking for a portable changing room specially designed for pontoon boat usage, this is the best option to go for. It lacks in multi-use capabilities that the above provides, but if you’re looking for something to simply change clothes, this will do just fine.

Quality – As it’s made from 100% marine grade polyester its suggests the tent is completely waterproof and has impeccable strength. Polyester is an excellent material for most boats as it can hold its structure well, even after being exposed to water for a long time.

Versatility – Unfortunately, this changing room lacks versatility as there isn’t any other benefit that It can provide. But overall, it does the job correctly by adding that much-needed privacy to your pontoon boat.   

Set Up – Unlike the other pontoon changing rooms that are mentioned on this list, the Taylormade 67867 was made with pontoon boats in mind. It’s super simple to set up and is installed within the bimini or hard top area of the boat. It includes straps and additional hardware to make the simplicity of setting up even easier.


  • Made with pontoon boats in mind
  • Includes straps suitable for securing it to a boat
  • Square design, giving it a large spacious area


  • You can only use it on a pontoon boat
  • Assumption of one size fits all
  • May not cover the full body

3.Alvantor Pop Up Changing Room

Alvantor Shower Tent Changing Room Outdoor Toilet Privacy Pop Up Camping Dressing Portable Shelter...
  • ✔SPACIOUS SPACE: This changing room 4'x4'x7'H comfortably fit big bones, with super deluxe authorized Teflon coating fabric, this perfect and spacious shower tent will provide you a high level personal experience.
  • ✔Teflon Coating Fabric: this shower tent is made of a 300D, poly-oxford Teflon coating fabric that is water, tear, oil and dirt-proof. It is shielded with vinyl coating, giving UPF 50+ UV protection.
  • ✔Product details: inside pockets for phones, tablets and others. There is also a rope for hanging clothes or towels and a hook for coat, bag, etc. PE floor keeps the room and belongings clean. Wear-resistant tube protection on bottom edge make it...

Third on the list is the Alvantor Pop Up Changing room. I’ve decided to add it due to its outstanding patented folding and unfolding design that you can’t find anywhere else. Alvantor has tried and tested 100’s of different pop-up designs until they found this revolutionary and unbeatable mechanism. They take pride in knowing that their “tent throwing” opening mechanism will have you set up within seconds.

  • Average Price – $145.99 – $165.99
  • Dimensions – 48” x 48” x 84”
  • Material – 300D polyethylene
  • Closure Type – Zipper
  • Weight – 7.28 Lbs
  • Color Options – White
  • Amazon rating – 4.6 out of 5

The Alvantor comes with many unique benefits and has a visually pleasing look to it. It’s supplied with all the equipment needed to get set up. However, you may need to modify it to your pontoon boat as they provide apparatus such as tent pegs, sandbags, guylines, and a rather comfortable matting that is nice on your feet.

Quality – Alvantor’s exclusive setting up process isn’t the only quality factor to their portable changing room design. It is also made from a particular type of polyethylene called 300D. This type of material is coated with a poly-oxford Teflon coating allowing it to become resistant to water, oil, and tear damage. It also adds an added protection of UV protection by giving it UPF 50+.

One last thing I’d like to mention is that Alvantor is a U.S based company. They are officially registered within the US and offer an un-satisfied guarantee. Having a guarantee like this provides us with the information that they’re confident with their production quality.  

Versatility – The usage doesn’t have to stop on your pontoon boat; you can take it on camping or road trips. Its quick-drying and durable material makes it the perfect shower, restroom and changing room, no matter the location. The tent has a super compact and lightweight design to make it easy to carry almost anywhere.

Set Up – This pontoon changing room can be set up and safely secured in a matter of minutes. Its pop-out design is activated as soon as you take the tent out of the original carrier bag; once the changing room has been erected, you can then secure it to the boat.


  • 360 degrees ventilation
  • Very spacious because of its square design
  • Protected by Teflon


  • Problematic folding down mechanism
  • No variety for size or color

4.WolfWise 6.6FT – HighPeak R20

This next pontoon changing room is made by WolfWise. Let me give you a short introduction to those who haven’t heard of this brand. WolfWise is a relatively “new kid on the block” and was established in 2014. Through their dedication to providing quality and ground-breaking camping equipment, they have made their portable pop-up changing room. Without a doubt, they have followed through with their promises and have created an outstanding design.

  • Average Price – $105.99 – $119.99
  • Dimensions – 47.24″ x 47.24″ x 78.74″
  • Material – Nylon Polyester
  • Closure type – 3-Way Zipper
  • Weight – 5.51 Lbs
  • Color Options – Black
  • Amazon rating – 4.5 out of 5

Quality design is something WolfWise tried to accomplish, and it most definitely achieved. Through their love of camping, they were able to design something that everybody desired. It’s been through vigorous testing to determine this and has passed without any exceptions.

Quality – As mentioned, Wolfwise has made it their goal to achieve quality throughout the construction of their changing room. They’ve achieved just this by manufacturing it with a particular type of polyester that is very durable and waterproof. This polyester is called taffeta 190T and has unimpeachable benefits when it comes to providing a long-lasting and waterproof changing room. The frame is also structured with galvanized steel poles making it hard to rust and to become broken.

Due to it being made from taffeta 190T polyester, it offers excellent UV protection. Something that all portable changing rooms must have when being used on a pontoon boat. The capabilities of providing both strength and protection to harmful natural elements make it a great portable changing room.

Versatility – The sheer size of this changing room allows for a spacious room to change for one person. It’s also equipped with a mesh-like aerial ventilation system to encourage air circulation, ultimately leaving you with a fresh-smelling and cooled shelter.

With this tent, you’ll be able to hang wet clothes and towels that may be used throughout the day on the integrated clothesline. The base of the WolfWise changing room floor is also detachable, allowing for easy cleaning after use.

Set Up –  Easily set up this portable changing room in seconds by simply throwing it onto the ground. Allow a few seconds to automatically pop into place, then secure the base to the ground. Its lightweight and effortless setup have awarded it the number four spot within this list.


  • You can use it in multiple environments
  • Throw-like opening mechanism
  • Multiple sister products available to choose from


  • Black is the only color available for this size
  • Small ventilation area

5. LUVNFUN 6.9 FT Pop Up Changing Room

LUVNFUN 6.9 FT Pop Up Camping Shower Tent, Portable Changing Room Privacy Shelter Tent for Outdoor...
  • HIGH QUALITY - Luvnfun privacy changing tent made from 190D polyester waterproof fabric and the silver interior lining. Bright light doesn’t reveal your outline or figure while changing, showering, or taking care of bathroom business. And the...
  • UPGRADED VERSION - Extra tall and large size pop up shower tent, 6.9 FT tall. Easily pops up and folds down in seconds, no assembly required. The tent is 59x59x82.7 inch when open, affords spacious interior and comfortable movement within. Folds down...
  • STABILITY - Using rust-proof steel frame, with 4 strong stakes, 4 additional sandbags and windproof ropes fasten the tent so it's not blown down easily by the breeze. Our camping shower tent have stronger windproof function when compared to other...

This visually pleasing portable changing room is built with high-quality materials and also comes in various color options. Unlike the others, you’re able to purchase this tent based on your visual requirements. Having an option like this makes it much easier to purchase as you have the flexibility of color choice. However, their color choices aren’t their main feature. It’s a diverse camping tent that can be used as a changing room, restroom, shower, and much more.

  • Average Price – $110.99 – $115.97
  • Dimensions – 47.2×47.2×82.7
  • Material – 190D polyester
  • Closure Type – Zipper
  • Weight – Unknown
  • Color Options – Army green, black, blue, dark green, orange
  • Amazon rating – 4.2 out of 5

LUVNFUN has made a superb collapsible changing room that is versatile and true to its nature. By providing excellent privacy when you need it most at the highest possible standard. This pontoon changing room was more than worth a mention on this list.

Quality – My favorite feature of this product is the materials it’s made from. This particular changing room is made from 190D polyester, which is entirely waterproof and tearproof fabric. This allows for magnificent resilience and excellent lifetime usage. This fabric is also thick enough not to reveal your body’s outline that the sunlight may produce.   

Versatility – This pop-up tent is much more than just a changing room and is much more versatile than you think. It provides excellent privacy for many other everyday private situations that you occur throughout the day. You’ll be able to use this tent as a changing room, toilet and also a shower; allowing you to get multiple usages out of one investment.

Set Up – As mentioned in the product title, it has a pop-up setup design. This changing room can be set up in seconds while still providing extreme stability, strength, and versatility.


  • Multiple designs to choose from
  • Various ventilation points
  • Spacious room to allow for versatility


  • Minimal reviews on Amazon
  • It needs more product testing to determine more pros or cons

Buyers Guide for a Pontoon Changing Room

Before making a final verdict of which changing room you’re going to purchase, I suggest you think about the following suggestions within the below buyer’s guide.

Changing Room Size

First, think about the size of your pontoon and the changing room. Both are just as important as each other, and you may want a smaller or larger changing room depending on the location requirements on your boat.


If you’re an outdoors person, you can also think about versatility. Although the main reason you purchase this changing room is to gain privacy on your pontoon, you may also want to consider what other usage you want to get out of it. For instance, if you’re solely buying a changing room for your pontoon, I recommend the Taylormade one suggested above. On the other hand, if you’re an outdoors or camping individual, I recommend something like the Green Elephant as you’ll be able to use this for camping trips as well.


Think about the material the changing room it’s made from. All changing rooms mentioned on this list are waterproof and hold good durability levels—however, some more than others. Polyethylene is reliable base material to off by, so a pontoon changing room that uses this is ideal.

Benefits of the materials mentioned:

  • Standard polyester – Extremely resistant to water and wind, retains shape well, easy to clean.
  • Marine-grade polyester – Great waterproofing, adequate levels of UV and UVB resistances. More durable compared to non-marine-grade polyester.
  • 300D polyester – Thin material making it very lightweight, waterproof and repellent, superb tear resistants.
  • Nylon polyester – Outstanding weather-resistance, flame retardant, conducts less heat.
  • 190D polyester – Holds structure and shape well after long-term use, used in newly designed camping gear, resistant to many substances including water and oil.

The Price

Pricing also plays an essential role in your reasoning for buying. With a wide range of prices mentioned, we can break them down into entry, middle, and premium range options.

  • For an entry-level pontoon changing room, I would suggest the Taylormade option as it sits at just $60 – $72.99. The only downside is that it lacks versatility and will only be used on a boat.
  • Now for a middle ranged option, I would select the Green Elephant portable changing room. This is by far the best, sitting around $75.99 – $85.99but is just a little small for some people.
  • The top of the range has to be the Alvantor Pop Up Changing Room at around $145.99 – $165.99. It’s the largest one mentioned above; the only flaw is that it generally might be too big for most pontoon boats.

Changing Room Type

Lastly, we have to look at the changing room type. Four out of the five options above are portable and collapsable. However, the Taylormade one isn’t. Therefore, you have to decide whether you want a simple set up design or a more permanent one that the Taylor Made changing room offers.

Overall there are 5 different types of changing rooms:

Collapsible Pop-up Changing Room – perfect for smaller pontoon boats, and you can use them anywhere. Pop-up changing rooms are not as sturdy. Look for a pop-up that comes with sewn-on loops with sand stakes. Those are much sturdier as you can stick them in the ground.

Changing Room Combos is mostly the same as pop-up changing rooms but offers a few extra accessories. They come with the shower mat, extra storage pockets for toiletries, a hanger for towels. Nothing that you can not live without, but that will undoubtedly cost you more.

Drop-Down Pontoon Changing Room – It offers the most space, most privacy, and is very sturdy. It is effortless to take down thanks to quick-release buckle straps. However, you can only use it on your boat. Also, the installation might not be as easy; many times, the straps are not long enough.

Pontoon Boat EnclosurePontoon boat enclosures are fantastic because of their size. They can cover a large area on your boat, even converting your lounge area into an enclosed room. The installation is far more complicated and is permanently attached to your boat.

Custom Made Changing Room – You could make it as big as you want, add to it anything you want, and make it as usable as you wish. It is the best option out there if you are crafty and have some free time on your hands.


As I said in this article, many different options and products are available to transform a particular outdoor area of your pontoon boat into a private oasis. If you wonder what pontoon changing room is best for you, I would consider looking at your pontoon boat.

Take some time to evaluate all the options, measure the area you think would fit best, and buy the changing room that fits all the criteria. I hope I was able to point you in the right direction, but if not, please let me know.

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