Pontoon Boat Console – Steer Your Pontoon With Style

As the captain of your boat, it’s important to be comfortable when steering. Whether you’re looking for a replacement for a helm or building a pontoon boat console from scratch, these consoles will make your life a whole lot easier. They look good and are comfortable to use. 

Some of them are a bit on the small side, but they are made of the kind of hard plastic frame and comfortable upholstery that will make your steering experience enjoyable.

If you are willing to get into the DIY mindset, you can customize them to fit your preferred boating experience.

Top 5 Pontoon Boats Consoles

Wise Talon Pontoon Series Standard Helm Steering Console

The Talon Series standard helm steering wheel console is built to go along with the Talon series pontoon furniture collection, a premier boat furniture set. With a large interior removable panel for easy access and a steering wheel reinforced with brackets and dual cup holders, there’s really not too much more you need from a steering wheel for your boat.

Wise 3016-1805 Talon Standard Helm Steering Console

The Talon steering console comes in mocha Java color. It is made of thick molded plastic and built to stand up to all kinds of weather. While it is too small for many types of boats, it will work perfectly as a pontoon boat console and console for other recreational boats.

The most important thing in any console is that it attaches securely to the boat and provides easy access to controls and instrument connections inside. In all these ways, the Talon steering console is perfect for the job.

It is also small enough to take up too much space and provide the right amount of convenience and comfort with the expected amount of performance.

Crucially this helm steering console is one of the most durable and reliable consoles you can find at this price range. It is made of thick-walled plastic and built for marine environments with harsh weather conditions. It will last for years. You will not need to be replaced anytime soon unless you regularly take it out in harsh conditions. Still, even then, it will last for the lifetime of your boat.


  • Thick wall durable plastic for all weather conditions.
  • Easy to install on pontoon boats.
  • Perfect for most boats.
  • Quick release boat cover buckles and straps system make it easy to manage these boat covers.
  • Double stitched boat cover seams and elastic hem


  • Too small for many larger fishing boats.

DeckMate® Premium Pontoon Boat Console

The Deckmate premium pontoon boat console is made of solid rotationally molded plastic. It features a large removable access panel for easy access to the interior of the console. It also has cup holders and a storage tray on top so that you can easily keep your drinks next to you and store smaller items away during bumpy rides.

DeckMate® Premium Pontoon Boat Console

When you order the Deckmate premium pontoon boat console before 3 p.m., you will get free same-day delivery. Customer service is excellent, and if any products from Deckmate arrive with defects or quality issues, they will pay for the return and replace the product immediately.

They also offer a 3-year full replacement warranty on any pontoon boat console equipment. The warranty is transferable 100%, so if you decide to sell your boat or the equipment you buy, the new owner will get the warranty.

Even if you have the skills and tools to build your own console, this steering console is worth considering. After all, your time is worth money, but it’s important to make sure that your boat looks good and works well. Buying this console will save you time while keeping your boat looking good.

There are a few things to look out for with this pontoon console.

The spot where you mount the helm mechanism might be a bit crooked, and that might mean that the steering wheel will fit at an odd angle from one side. That doesn’t really interfere with your ability to steer the boat, but it can be a little bit annoying.

Also, the console’s footprint is smaller than other steering consoles, so if you are replacing an older steering console with this one, it might not cover all the holes in the floor of your pontoon boat.

Finally, while it does have cup holders, those cup holders don’t have any drainage, so they tend to fill up with water and get a little funky.

Thankfully you can adjust it with a little bit of handiwork and a drill. It’s not too difficult to re-drill some of the holes or add drainage holes to the cup holders.


  • Solid thick-walled molded plastic body.
  • Cup holders for holding drinks.
  • Easily removable panel for accessing the inside.
  • Looks great and is good quality for the price.
  • 3-year warranty and same-day shipping.


  • Cup holders don’t have drainage holes.
  • Instructions for seats not consoles.
  • Interior access panel does not have hinges.
  • The small footprint may not cover all holes on the floor of your boat.

Wise Premier Series Pontoon Helm Steering Console

The Wise Premier series pontoon steering console is made of high-impact plastic and a rotational molded plastic frame. The plastic itself is treated with marine grade UV and mildew resistant materials so that the vinyl will not wear and tear very easily. That means you won’t have to clean it to keep it looking fresh and clean as often.

Wise Premier Series Pontoon Helm Steering Console

The high compression foam padding also adds to the stability of the steering console. The wise Premier console comes with two cup holders and an easy access door panel for accessing the console’s interior. That means you can make any changes to the inside and install controls whenever you need to without hassle.

Thankfully, unlike other consoles out there, the wise Premier steering console does not have any wood inside, which means that it will last a lot longer than others.

Unfortunately, it does not come in any directions, so if you make a mistake and put a hole in the wrong place or cut a hole too big when installing it, you might be in a tight spot. However, if you are careful when installing it, the process is simple enough and easy to complete without guidance.

While the interior access panel makes installing controls extremely easy, the space inside of the console itself may be a little bit cramped. As a result, sometimes it is harder to squeeze in all of the steering wheel connections than in other steering consoles. However, that smaller volume also means that the console won’t take up too much room on the boat.


  • Interior access panel for easy control installation.
  • No wood or other biodegradable materials.
  • Long-lasting rotational molding plastic.
  • Two cup holders for holding drinks.


  • Interior space Is on the small side.
  • Unit does not come with instructions.

Wise Deluxe Pontoon Steering Console

The Wise Deluxe pontoon steering console features an injection-molded frame and high compression foam padding four firm all-day comfort. The sealed plastic frame keeps all moisture out, and the vinyl is treated with marine-grade mildew and UV ray inhibitors to prevent degradation. That means that all of the unit’s components will remain free of mildew, and the outside cover of the unit will last much longer than untreated consoles. After all, plastic degrades in the sun and saltwater, so it’s important to have a console made to last in marine environments.

Wise Deluxe Pontoon Steering Console

The unit itself is built for convenience. It comes with two color-matched cup holders and a removable access door panel so that you can install the steering wheel and any gauges very easily.

The unit also comes with a six-year warranty for the frame and a 3-year warranty for the upholstery.

One thing to be careful of is the angle that your steering cables come off the steering mechanism. If your steering cables come off the steering mechanism at a bit of an angle, then this unit might not work for you. The unit does not have a flush front or a vertical mounting surface for the wheel, so be careful that your steering components will match with the console in this regard.

The steering console will fit all gauges and the steering wheel on the front. But another thing to watch out for is that it is a little bit on the short side. If you are a taller person, you might find it uncomfortable to use the steering console.

The steering wheel and the throttle areas are reinforced to make sure that they can take the strain of pulling against the walls of the console when you turn the wheel and pull on the throttle. The reinforced area around the throttle may be slightly on the short side, but overall this pontoon console is a perfect fit for a basic helm.


  • Molded plastic frame.
  • UV and mildew resistant for durability.
  • Easy access interior panel.
  • The reinforced area around the steering wheel and throttle.


  • The angle of the console may not fit all steering components.
  • Height may not be suitable for taller people.

Wise 8WD115-1010 Deluxe Pontoon Steering Console

The Wise Deluxe pontoon steering console it’s made with injection-molded plastic for strength and durability. Added to this is the fact that it is treated 4 UV and mildew resistance means that the marine-grade vinyl will not rot or degrade when exposed to the Sun and saltwater over time.

Wise 8WD115-1010 Deluxe Pontoon Steering Console

It features a removable back panel for easy access to the interior of the console. That makes installing steering components and gauges very convenient. This is a great console for a pontoon boat and a do-it-yourself kind of person.

As is the case with other Wise Deluxe consoles, this pontoon boat steering console may not be suitable for taller people. In fact, even if you are an average-sized human, you may find this console to be a little bit too short.

I’m not sure what designers were trying to do here. Maybe they were trying to save space on smaller boats. However, if you are on the taller side, you may not fit your knees underneath the upper portion.

The interior access panel is also positioned above the footrest and beneath the upper portion of the console, which means that it will be harder to reach the back of the steering components and gauges to install them. That means you might need to work on installing these components by reaching around behind them without being able to see them directly.

Like other Wise pontoon steering consoles, this console may not come with proper directions. However, it has a 3-year warranty on the plastic frame’s console and a 6-year warranty on the upholstery.


  • Strong and sturdy design.
  • Mildew and UV resistant.
  • 3-year warranty on the console frame.
  • 6-year warranty on the upholstery.


  • Smaller than most consoles.
  • Not much space for your knees under the console.
  • Interior access panel is on the front making access difficult.


At the end of the day, the three things that matter most in a pontoon boat console are the following:

  • Durable hard sturdy plastic frame.
  • Easy access to the interior via a removable door panel.
  • A stylish look that will fit the size and shape of your boat.

All these consoles above will match those needs perfectly, although some are a bit on the small side, so make sure that you get one that fits your comfort needs, especially if you are a taller person. Also, many pontoon boat consoles do not come with instructions. If you are not comfortable installing a console on your own, then make sure to go for one of the consoles that do come with an instruction manual.

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