5 Best Floating Water Mats to Make 2021 a Dream Year

Summer is fast approaching, and most of us are looking forward to spending a few days relaxing at the beach. Beaches are fun, but not everyone can swim. So what do you do if you don’t know how to swim? Well, you can learn to swim, of course, or you can get yourself handy dandy floating water mats. 

These are sometimes called water islands, floating docks, water platforms, water lounges, patio docks, water pads, or lily pad floats. Still, regardless of the name, floating water mats allow you to float comfortably on the water. Think of it as a waterproof carpet you can roll out unto the water. 

Not needing to worry about inflating or assembling it, at least in most cases. All you have to do is roll it out and unwind. You can basically tie them up to your boat or your dock at home. This is the perfect water accessory when you don’t want to be bothered, if waves make you queasy and uncomfortable, or if paddling is not your forte.

Best Floating Water Mats

Since floating water mats are popular, there is a lot of variety available and can be quite overwhelming to choose from. These mats arrive in different colors, sizes, quality, which might be a hassle when figuring out what floating water mat to pick. Since we aim to ensure that you end up with the best materials and quality, here are five of the best floating water mats in the market and everything you need to know about them.

Rubber Dockie Floating Water Mats

Rubber Dockie 9x6 Floating Water Mat
  • EASY STORAGE: The 9x6 Feet Junior Member of the Rubber Dockie Family; the Duckling, is Perfect When Portability is Paramount or When Storage Space is Limited.
  • TEAR STOP TECHNOLOGY: Our Tear-Stop Inner Matrix Prevents Full Length Lacerations
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The TUFF-HIDE Outer Layer Provides Protection From Everyday Use While Remaining Easy on the Skin

The Rubber Dockie Floating Water Mats are best for lounging on either the lake or at the beach. The floating mat is designed to have a bright, bold, and fun color combination of green and orange to make it highly visible on the water, giving you peace of mind and safety. 

Contrast to its name, the Rubber Dockie water mat is made of closed-cell foam with a tear-stop inner matrix. The inner matrix’ material will help prevent any full-length tear to ensure your group’s safety as much as possible. The outer layer is scratch and fade resistant, which is essential for a repeatedly used product under the sun and on the water. 

Rubber Dockie Floating Water Mats also has a 12-foot elastic bungee teether convenient for you to use when anchoring to docks or other stationary objects. This also includes two custom hooks and loop straps that have sturdy metal buckles for storage and transport. 

This mat can hold up to 1200 to 1400 pounds, comfortably accommodating several people without worrying about sinking. You can opt to get either the 18 x 6 ft or the 9 x 6 ft. option. Rubber Dockie has a one-year warranty on this product as well.


  • Dimension: 9ft x 6ft x 1.4 inches
  • Material: Closed-cell foam with a tear-stop inner matrix
  • Weight Capacity: 1200 to 1400 pounds
  • Color Options: Green and Orange color combination
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon

Aqua Lily Pad Floating Water Mat

Aqua Lily Pad Original Floating Water Mat, Patented 2 Layer FlexCore Green / Yellow Foam Raft, Made...
  • THE ORIGINAL AQUA LILY PAD 18’ X 6’ – Create your own floating island playground for kids and adults to enjoy the water and soak up the sun. The perfect water toy for family and friends plus makes a great launching pad for water skiing,...
  • NO ROLL MEMORY & LIGHT WEIGHT– Features patented FlexCore technology that has no roll memory which makes the foam pads easy to roll up, flexible to lay flatter on the water quicker, and light weight (does not absorb water) weighs only 36 pounds
  • STRONG & LONG-LASTING DURABILITY - 100% cross-linked polyethylene foam and Flex Core adds strength, damage resistance and ripstop tear-resistant feature to aqua lily pads. Patented UV stabilization protects foam surface of pad from sun damage and is...

The original Aqua Lily Pad Floating Water Mat is great for creating your own floating island for your kids to enjoy. It is the perfect water toy if you are looking for a launching pad for any water recreational activities like water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing. 

This mat is strong and durable, made of 100% cross-linked polyethylene foam and flex core that will add strength, resistance to damage and holds up 900 pounds of distributed weight. 

This floating water mat has patented UV stabilization to protect the pad’s foam surface from any significant damage from the sun. This also has a fully installed and patented grommet or teether snap system that features a sturdy nylon spring clip that will not corrode in either fresh or saltwater. 

This also has a one-time snap feature for easier installation. This Aqua Lily Pad has no roll memory, so it is easy to roll up. It is flexible to lay on the water and does not absorb water. When you are done lounging on the water, you can easily roll up the mat and secure it with the cinch straps ready for the next use.


  • Dimension: 18ft x 6ft x 1.4 inches
  • Material: 100 percent cross-linked polyethylene foam and flex core
  • Weight Capacity: 750 to 900 pounds
  • Color Options: Green/Yellow
  • Rating: 5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon


ALADDIN WATER MAT, 9 x 6 Ft, 3 Layers, Newest Model, Floating Water Pad-Island-Giant Lilly Pad...
  • ✔ PREMIUM QUALITY, DURABILITY & SUPERIUR SAFETY: Our floating water pad is made up of three (3) layers, 1.3 inches thick of tear-proof XPE waterproof and environmentally friendly foam. The inner net + heat sealing ensure the water mat durability....
  • ✔ EXPERIENCE ALADDIN WATER MAT - An American Outdoor Sport & Boating accessories. We design all of our products in the United States and are proud to do it . Haven’t you waited long enough? Imagine the memories you’ll make with these. It is the...
  • ✔ ENJOY AND HAVE A BLAST DAY ON THE WATER! -- Our floating pads are giant, spacious, safe and perfect for water activities, events, entertaining and relaxing in water parks, rivers, lakes, beaches and the sea. Great float for adults or kids

The Aladdin Water Mat is designed to be used for water recreation and relaxing. This premium quality water mat is made of three layers: 

  • 1.3 inches thick tear-proof XPE foam
  • an inner net and heat sealing for enhanced durability
  • An outer layer protects from everyday use, resisting any dirt and grime to stick to the mat

These are giant and spacious water mats perfect for water activities in water parks, beaches, rivers, and lakes. The ALADDIN Water Mat includes a 9-feet elastic bungee tether to quickly anchor the mat to a dock or any other stationary objects of your liking. 

It has a pair of custom loops and hooks straps with metal buckles for easy and quick storage. The floating water mat has a one-year manufacturer warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Dimensions: 9ft x 6ft x 1.3 inches
  • Material: High-Quality XPE Foam
  • Weight: 750 to 900 pounds
  • Color Options: Blue/Black/Yellow, Orange/Black/Green, Red/White/Blue, Yellow/Black/Limegreen
  • Rating: 5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon

Floating Oasis Lake Pad

Floating Oasis Lake Pad - Premium Floating Island/Water Mat - Made in The USA
  • FLOATING PARADISE - Enjoy the luxury of your own private island with the Floatation iQ Floating Oasis! Measure 6' feet wide by 15' feet long, this lake pad and is designed to hold over 1,500 lbs. of dispersed weight so get ready to relax with your...
  • BOX CONTENTS - The Floatation iQ Floating Oasis includes one (1) floating oasis lake pad measuring 180" long x 72" wide x 1.5" thick, one (1) D-Ring, two (2) Velcro straps, one (1) bungee cord, and one (1) product maintenance and safety sheet.
  • PUNCTURE & TEAR RESISTANT - All Floatation iQ products are made of multi-layered light weight polyethylene (PE) foam. The foam layers are joined together using a proprietary lamination process that ensures products are highly resistant to both tears...

The Floating Oasis Lake Pad is ideal for an entire family trip to the lake, hence the name. This floating mat measures 15 x 6 ft. and in eight fashionable colors. The product is made of lightweight polyethylene foam that is durable and tear and puncture-resistant, and it has a weight capacity of over 1500 pounds. You can quickly clean it with just soap and water without worrying about any of the vibrant color fading. 

The Floating Oasis Lake Pad’s key features include a strong D-ring with a carabiner and bungee cord that you can use to tie off to the dock or boat. It comes with two Velcro straps making transportation and storage easier. Many people who have used this pad say it is great for lounging on the water, letting just the right amount of water on board to keep you cool and wet.


  • Dimensions: 15ft x 6ftx 1.5 inches
  • Material: Polyethylene foam
  • Weight Capacity: 1500 pounds
  • Color Options: Green, Pink/Turquoise, Pink/Yellow, Red, Red/Blue, Yellow/Lime, Wave
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon

Blue Water Inflatable Swim Deck

Blue Water Toys 4-Person Inflatable Swim Deck with Non-Slip Surface, Swimming Water Platform &...
  • ALL DECKED OUT: Our 8-foot by 6-foot deck is easy to transport and quickly inflates to create a convenient, comfortable space for your belongings, friends, and family members of all ages; Fits 4 adults or 1000 pounds, with 4 large, extra-plush,...
  • SOAK UP THE SUN: Use as a floating lounge dock for relaxation, soaking up sun, parties, picnics on the water, yoga sessions, and more, and use the platform to accommodate coolers, snacks, lounge chairs, fishing equipment, and all your sunny day...
  • DOCKSIDE FUN: Use the heavy duty stainless steel rings on the corners of your inflatable deck to tie to a boat or dock and spread out, explore, meet friends, grab lunch, or take a break from the sun

The Blue Water Inflatable Deck is a comfortable platform that is great for summer fun on the water. With its military-grade drop stitch technology and 3-layer lamination, the floating mat boasts of its superior strength, stability, and durability, strong and sturdy enough for lawn chairs. 

This is a great floating mat to use when sunbathing, lake partying, relaxing, yoga, floating, hanging out on the lake, and all kinds of activities. The EVE pads make the deck comfortable to use and make it resistant to slipping. 

There are handles placed for you to conveniently and safely climb in and out of the water. The swimming deck can be inflated and deflated, so you do not have to worry about transportation and storage. The deck comes with everything you may need, a high-quality pump, a convenient carry bag, and a patch kit.


  • Dimensions: 8ft x 6ft x 6 inches
  • Material: EVA Foam Padding
  • Weight: 800 pounds
  • Color Options: Blue/White/Yellow
  • Rating: 3.9 out of 5-star rating on Amazon

How to Choose Floating Water Mat

If you are ready to buy a floating water mat but don’t know which one will best serve your purpose, you should consider the following characteristics.

What Size Should You Buy

The size depends on your family and the group of people you plan to use your water mat with. It’s best to be on a safe size and buy a bigger water mat so that no one is left behind, as that may cause some unwanted bickering. 

On the other hand, if you are buying a water mat for your pool, it’s best to go with a smaller mat, one or two people capacity. You don’t want to cover your entire pool with a water mat.

Weight Capacity

Another feature you should keep in mind is the weight capacity of the mat. If the weight of the people standing or lounging on top of the floating mat exceeds the maximum capacity, there is a huge possibility that the mat will sink below the surface. Use common sense when using the mat, and remember that the manufacturer’s average maximum weight capacity should be evenly distributed.

Water Mat Stability

The stability of the water mat depends on its use. Water mats meant for lounging and relaxation are typically softer and can’t handle as much weight as those used for water sport activities. So which one should you use? I say you go for the more stable one because it is versatile. You can use it as a lounging water bed or a water launching pad depends on your desire that day. 


It would be best if you also looked for a mat that will last season after season. You can do this by choosing a high-quality foam mat that will not rip, tear, or puncture with rough use. This is especially important if you plan to use the floating mat for water activities and not just for lounging.

Foam vs. Inflatable

When deciding between the two, it will all come down to your preference. When using a foam mat, you do not have to worry about inflating and deflating it, but it is also bulkier when storing and transporting. This can also cost more than inflatable. 

Inflatables, however, are more compact and easy to store and transport, but you have to inflate and deflate them every time you use them, and they may tear and puncture.

Keep in mind that when you purchase a floating water mat, you will always get what you pay for. All of this will boil down to your preference, needs, and budget. It is best to purchase a good-quality floating water mat because it is safer to use and will most likely last longer.

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