About Us

Hello, and Welcome!!

Goran here, founder and chief writer at TheOceanSailingGuide.com

The site’s principal purpose is to help and educate beginner or expert boating enthusiasts looking to find out more about pontoon boats.

Site History & Background

TheOceansailingGuide.com launched in 2017 after one of the better purchases I’ve made in my life. I was so impressed by the pontoon boat that I had to tell the world about it, and I hope the world is listening.

In the beginning, I felt as if I was writing to myself, but over time people started asking me questions, such as:

So I started covering different types that I have since split into two sections:

I plan to add more sections soon, and if you have any suggestions, I would like to hear them.

Also, if you like racing, make sure you check out my other blog gokartlife.com. Gokartlife.com teaches you about go-kart safety tips, go-kart safety equipment, and how to pick the best go-kart for kids of all ages.

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